This is technical work involving responsibility to perform laboratory and field tests on recycled and virgin asphalt mixes produced in an asphalt recycling plant operated by the City of Syracuse Department of Public Works. The recycling plant produces asphalt made from both virgin materials and asphalt reclaimed from street pavements by a milling operation. An employee in this class takes and tests core samples of asphalt pavements, tests asphalt's milling and other materials and prepares mix designs for asphalt production utilizing various percentages of reclaimed and virgin materials. An employee in this class oversees asphalt production at the plant as well as milling and paving operations in the field as they pertain to testing procedures. Work is performed under general supervision of an administrative superior involved in street repair who allows the incumbent leeway for the exercise of independent judgment in areas of technical testing. Supervision is not exercised by an employee in this class. Does related work as required. When asphalt production and street paving operations cease during the winter season, an incumbent in this class is assigned to snow plowing and removal activities.




Takes test cores of pavement (asphalt, bitumen and base) from streets scheduled for milling and repaving using recycled asphalt; logs and reports boring data; identifies cores according to the street, block, number and lane from which they were taken.

Performs quantitative extraction tests on cores in accordance with established standards, using a centrifugal extraction machine.

Performs sieve analysis testing on surface course of each core as well as percent bitumen, aggregate gradations and asphalt demand.

Evaluates test results and separates cores into groups whose surface courses have compatible aggregate gradations and asphalt contents.

Performs daily testing for moisture on millings, and stone and sand stockpiles to assist recycling plant personnel in mix designs.

Performs marshall mix batching tests to determine if asphalt produced falls within the mix design specifications established by the technician.

Performs nuclear density tests to determine roller pattern at paving site as well as number of roller passes per a specific mix design and optimum mix temperatures; develops compaction techniques that are beneficial to paving personnel.

Performs nuclear asphalt content tests to verify proper mix proportioning.

Maintains accurate and complete records of nuclear gauge use, personnel monitoring programs and radiation surveys, tests and checks.

Conducts and oversees pavement management surveys.

Assists in the preparation of project estimates.

Works with contractors on purchasing and sampling of materials and final mixtures to insure quality control.

Evaluates and computes data, prepares thorough reports on test findings and maintains records relating to tests and results.

Gathers information for preparation of contracts, and administers pavement contracts and testing procedures.




-2- 22550






Thorough knowledge of paving raw materials and testing techniques.

Thorough knowledge of complex test procedures such as quantitative extraction, sieve analysis, moisture testing, compliance testing, marshall mix batching, nuclear density, et al.

Thorough knowledge of radiation safety practices and record keeping requirements as listed in the New York State Department of Labor, Industrial Code, rule 38.

Good knowledge of laboratory practices, techniques, equipment, terminology and safety precautions in a bitumen, asphalt-testing site.

Skill in performing established standard testing routines.

Good file organization and digital record keeping skills.

Working knowledge of NYSDOT and common industry-wide standard specifications.

Working knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel and Access.

Ability to make accurate observations and records of test results.

Ability to prepare clear and accurate summary reports of quality tests.

Ability to follow complex technical written and oral instructions.




A) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with an associates degree In Civil Engineering Technology, general science, environmental science or chemistry and three (3) years of work experience in bituminous plant laboratory testing involving quantitative extraction, abson recovery and marshall mix tests and the preparation of mix designs which must have included one (1) year of experience in soil, concrete and/or field testing; or,


B) Five (5) years of bituminous plant laboratory testing as described in (A) above.


Special Necessary Requirement


Possession of a valid drivers license Issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of appointment.



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