The work involves responsibility for supervising a nursing staff in the

absence of the Head Nurse. When the Head Nurse is present, the Assistant Head

Nurse may carry out professional nursing duties as a staff nurse on a unit or

floor. The Nursing Supervisor exercises general supervision over the work of an

Assistant Head Nurse. The Assistant Head Nurse exercises general supervision over

the work of subordinate nursing and support staff when acting for the Head Nurse. Does related work as required.




Supervises the work of subordinate nursing and support staff in the absence

of the Head Nurse.

Assists in the coordination of all nursing activities related directly or

indirectly to patient care.

Promotes and participates in staff and patient education.

Assists in maintaining the highest quality care for patients in accordance

with the philosophy and policies of the facility and nursing service.

Maintains an accurate, detailed knowledge of each patient's condition, and an

awareness of his needs as a patient and an individual.

Accompanies a physician on patient rounds and facilitates a better

patient/doctor relationship.

Participates in the review and evaluation of a patient's condition with the


Acts as liaison between the facility, physician, patient and the patient's

family and friends.

Instructs patient or patient's family in regard to patient's diet, health

habits, the carrying out of treatments at home and rehabilitative measures as

authorized by the physician.

Assists in planning for an environment that is conducive to the physical,

spiritual and emotional well being of both patients and staff.

Performs related services for patients in the prevention of illness and the

attainment of maximum health.

Coordinates hospital and community services.

Makes contacts with appropriate social services or health agencies as

necessary to assure patient needed service or follow-up care.

Assists in the maintenance of a system of evaluation for nursing personnel.

Assists in maintaining quality clinical records and administrative records.

May care for patients and their environment, including making beds, changing

linens, lifting and moving patients, providing hygienic care, and caring for

personal effects.

May observe symptoms and carry out diagnostic procedures ordered by the


May prepare and apply dressings, give medication and nursing and therapeutic

treatment as prescribed by the physician.

May requisition weekly unit supplies and maintain adequate stores of sterile


Good knowledge of nursing principles and techniques and their relation to

medical practice.

Good knowledge of material medical, sanitation and personal hygiene.

Skill in the application of professional nursing techniques and practices.

Ability to plan, assign and supervise the work of professional and

paraprofessional nurses and patient care employees.

Ability to explain instructions of a technical and professional nature.

Ability to accurately and completely prepare and maintain clinical records.

Ability to supervise the administration of therapeutic treatments prescribed

by a physician.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.







Six (6) months of work experience, or its part time equivalent, as a Registered Nurse.




Possession of a current license to practice as a Registered Professional

Nurse in New York State at the time of appointment.


11/04 Revised