The work involves responsibility for complete integration of total water quality issues for a water distribution system. Under general supervision of an administrative superior, an employee in this class manages the laboratory and water quality sampling/analysis functions of a large Grade A water filtration plant and distribution system and supervises water quality programs ranging from watershed research to handling customers complaint. The incumbent is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the laboratory's state certification in areas of bacteriology, minerals, metals and organic analyses. Supervision is exercised over laboratory personnel and sampling technicians. Work is performed under the direction of the Water Plant Manager (Type A Plant). Does related work as required.




Directs the laboratory monitoring of filtration plant performance and determines and directs necessary treatment changes based on results;

Works to insure continuous compliance with applicable State and Federal water quality standards for potable and waste treatment systems;

Fulfills monitoring requirements of the filtration plant's waste treatment systems under state permit and directs waste treatment programs to insure compliance with same;

Identifies water quality research needs, prepares study proposals, directs work, and submits comprehensive scientific and technical reports;

Directs the operation of, and operates, sophisticated laboratory instruments such as an atomic absorption spectrophotometer and gas chromatograph;

Manages the monitoring of water quality at all points between the watershed source and the customer's tap;

Directs staff applications of herbicide and algaecide at the lakes and reservoirs as permitted by State regulations;

Trains subordinates in laboratory analytical and safety procedures and provides training and technical assistance to operations staff;

Directs the performance of, and performs, laboratory analyses in compliance with State certification requirements;

Works with watershed conservationist to determine and fulfill watershed management, research and monitoring needs;

Assists in the preparation of the annual budget submission for laboratory and treatment operations;

Maintains operational and laboratory records and files, and submits reports, in accordance with State mandates;

Operates a computerized data management system.




Good knowledge of the equipment, methods, and processes related to water treatment, transmission, storage, and distribution, particularly as related to the monitoring and control of water quality;

Good knowledge of the principles of water bacteriology, water chemistry, and limnology;

Good knowledge of basic standards for potable water in the United States;

Good knowledge of local and State laws regulating water quality standards;

Working knowledge of pumps, valves, and water treatment equipment;

Working knowledge of State certification procedures regarding licensing of personnel and water treatment laboratory;

Working knowledge of sources of information regarding pending changes in water quality legislation;

Ability to supervise a staff composed of employees of different skills and educational background;

Ability to assess a water quality condition and determine actions to rectify an unacceptable condition;

Ability to read, interpret, and prepare scientific reports and documents.

Ability to plan and organize.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.







Two (2) years of permanent, competitive-class status in the title of Water Systems Chemist I; or one (1) year of permanent, competitive-class status in the title of Water Systems Chemist II.




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Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Bachelor's

degree in chemistry, biology, environmental science, or a closely related field and two (2) years of laboratory work experience or it part-time equivalent performing water or wastewater analysis in a potable water treatment facility, waste water treatment facility, or other environmental testing laboratory.



A Master's degree in any of the fields as described above may substitute for one (1) year of the work experience.



SPECIAL NECESSARY REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid New York State driver's license appropriate to the type of vehicle being operated.



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