The Commissioner of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the initiation, formulation, review, and

direction of activities undertaken by the Parks and Recreation Department. The incumbent plans, assigns, and

coordinates a variety of administrative and technical projects regarding the operation of county parks and

recreation facilities. The work is completed at the executive level under the general supervision of the County

Administrator ‑ Physical Services. The position requires interaction with state and local government

employees, legislators, state Department of Environmental Conservation employees, parks directors and

officials, engineers and engineering firms, architects and architectural firms, advertising firms, elected officials,

coworkers, vendors, the media, contractors, CSEA staff, attorneys, and the general public. The position

exercises functional and direct supervision over department staff, projects, programs, and initiatives. Does

related work as required.


Directs and oversees staff, facilities, programs, and projects under the control of the department;

Develops, approves, and monitors annual department operating budget;

Oversees capital projects initiated or assigned to the department;

Directs the development and implementation of capital projects within the department;

Coordinates, advises, and assists the County Executive in responsibilities pertinent to the goals and objectives of the department;

Represents the department to the County Legislature in the authorization of activities, projects, budget, and additional funding;

Coordinates and consolidates responsibilities of the department with other departments to facilitate and increase the efficiency of results;

Develops new initiatives within the department to ensure public demand for services is met;

Serves on a variety of community committees, boards, and commissions;

Represents department and works directly with numerous community and not‑for‑profit organizations;

Performs public relations duties to maintain and enhance the image of the department.


Comprehensive knowledge of the purposes, principles, terminology, and practices employed in public recreation and parks management;

Comprehensive knowledge of advanced professional techniques in public recreation and parks management;

Comprehensive knowledge of legislation, current problems, and professional literature related to public recreation and parks management;

Comprehensive knowledge of local and state law, procedures, and policies as they relate to the mission of the department;

Comprehensive knowledge of administrative planning, management, and supervision as it applies to the position;

Comprehensive knowledge of the operation and maintenance of equipment and technology used in the operation of public recreation and parks management;

Thorough knowledge of a variety of public recreation and wildlife activities, including but not limited to wildlife species survival, inline skating, aquatics, and extreme sports;

Thorough knowledge of Onondaga County government, geography, economics, demographics, society, goals, politics, policies, and procedures;

Thorough knowledge of the preparation and interpretation of statistical, technical, and narrative reports regarding department activities;

Thorough knowledge of personnel laws and regulations;

Thorough knowledge of county department operations, organization, accountability, and responsibility;

Thorough knowledge of resources available for use in the completion of department objectives;

Thorough knowledge of large‑scale and government budgeting policies and procedures;

Working knowledge of computer hardware, software, and systems used by the department;

Ability to analyze recent problems, assess future problems, and formulate complex action plans to facilitate resolution of said problems;

Ability to perform mathematical calculations;

Outstanding professional leadership ability;

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


This position falls within the unclassified service.

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