The work involves responsibility for assisting students in applying for and obtaining student financial aid through Federal or State Government financial grant programs or scholarships. The work includes reviewing applications for completeness and accuracy, advising students on what type of grants are available and the appropriate forms and financial documentation needed to apply for each

type. The Financial Aid Examiner is also responsible for verifying academic status of applicants eligible for financial aid, and verifying or validating information provided by students and their parents depending on the requirements of each program. Work is performed under general supervision from an Administrative Supervisor who allows leeway for the incumbent to exercise independent judgment in advising and assisting students in procedures, completing their applications and in securing required documentation in a thorough and efficient manner. Work is reviewed through conferences and oral reports.

General supervision may be exercised over a small number of clerical employees. Does related work as required.




Assists students and their parents in completing applications for federal and state student financial assistance to insure that information and documentation required for each grant or scholarship has been included.

Reviews grant applications processed through the Financial Aid Office to determine that the information is complete, correct and consistent with every other piece of information provided.

Informs applicants of the grants and scholarships available and the regulations, requirements and procedures involved in the application process.

Examines and verifies information provided on the financial application forms dealing with eligibility determinations to insure that all required documentation is available; performs validation of information reported on the application for a Basic Grant in accordance with Basic Grant regulations; contacts students and parents when further documentation is required.

Provides information and referral for students interested in the college's work-study or deferred payment program or for special grants and loans administered by the college.

Reviews students' records to verify that every student eligible for financial aid has met federal and state regulations concerning admission and matriculation status and satisfactory academic progress as required. Attends training sessions and workshops to stay abreast of changes in federal and state guidelines, regulations and application forms.

Completes, reviews and processes emergency short term loans for students applying and eligible for emergency assistance.




Good knowledge of Federal and State student financial aid programs and the rules, regulations and procedures involved in the application process.

Good knowledge of student financial aid eligibility standards and requirements.

Good knowledge of the college's rules and regulations pertaining to matriculation, student academic standing and registration status.

Some knowledge of interviewing techniques to guide students through the application process and assist them in determining the best course of action to follow.

Ability to read, understand and interpret rules and regulations for purposes of

advising and assisting applicants.

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Ability to relate well with others.









A. One (1) year of full time work experience, or its part time equivalent, in examining, evaluating, or assisting in the completion of state and federal financial aid forms in a post-secondary institution; or,

B. Two (2) years of full time work experience, or its part time equivalent, in examining, investigating or evaluating claims for financial assistance, veterans or unemployment benefits, insurance or a similar program operating under established criteria for eligibility.


NOTE: Successful completion of college credits from a regionally accredited college or university or business school or one accredited by the New York State Board of regents to grant degrees may be substituted for work experience as defined in (B) above, as follows: Thirty (30) semester credit hours is equivalent to one (1) year of work experience; Sixty (60) semester credit hours is equivalent to two (2) years of work experience.


11/2013 Revised