Under general supervision of a higher level employee responsible for sewer maintenance, an employee in this class is responsible for full performance of duties in the operation of all television equipment utilized in the inspection of sewer lines and is responsible for the maintenance of all equipment utilized in sewer inspection, such as, generators, cameras, monitors and motorized winches. An employee in this class is expected to insure that the television equipment is operated properly and is in proper working order as well as to correctly interpret monitor images on the television screen. An employee in this class is expected to submit oral and written reports of sewer inspections including footage readings and monitor images; to maintain written and taped logs of same; to troubleshoot and repair basic electrical and mechanical malfunctions of closed circuit televisions; to make recommendations for changes in closed circuit television equipment; and to work with engineering firms on research projects necessitating sewer line inspections. Work is assigned by a Sewer Maintenance Supervisor or Superintendent of Sewers and Streams depending upon location of assignment and is reviewed through informal consultation and written reports for same. Direct supervision is exercised over a small number of workers engaged in equipment operation or sewer inspection and maintenance. Does related work as required.




Installs, operates, and maintains sewer line inspection equipment, such as, generators, cameras, monitor and motorized winches.

Identifies structural damage and cracking of sewer pipes, which appear on the television screen.

Makes recommendations for changes in equipment used in sewer line inspections.

Accurately determines and records footage readings throughout the course of inspections.

Submits oral and written reports of sewer inspections including footage readings and monitor images.

Prepares on site video and audiotapes of all sewer one inspections by verbally recording results of inspections and videotaping televised sewer lines.

Establishes and maintains an accurate record keeping system for all work performed.

Reads and interprets maps and plans.

When assigned to Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection, an employee in this class typically supervises the work of Closed Circuit Television Attendants in performing tasks in the use of television equipment to inspect sewer lines; and, operates a variety of machines to keep sewer lines free from obstructions, such as hydraulic cleaning machines, mechanical bucket machines, rodding equipment and other equipment used to provide service to house laterals.




Good knowledge of the methods and equipment used in sewer inspection.

Good knowledge of safe operating practices utilized in sewer inspection.

Some knowledge of the principles and practices of electronics as applied to operation of closed circuit television equipment used in sewer inspection.

Ability to learn to perform skilled tasks in the operation of closed circuit television equipment to inspect sewer lines.

Ability to make minor electrical and mechanical repairs, to inspect sewer equipment, and to train subordinates in the performance of same.

Ability to perform and train subordinates in minor troubleshooting of sewer pipes and television equipment.

Ability to accurately determine footage readings.

Ability to interpret monitor images.

Ability to make clear and accurate audio and visual tapes of all sewer inspections.

Ability to maintain accurate records.

Ability to read and interpret sewer plans and maps.






Two (2) years of permanent non-competitive class status in the title of Closed Circuit Television Attendant.








Open Competitive:


A) Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the design, maintenance, inspection, or construction of wastewater and drainage facilities; or,

B) Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the operation, maintenance and repair of television or related large scale electronic equipment.


NOTE: Successful completion of post secondary education in electronics technology or a field closely related to electronics technology may be substituted in (a) or (b) on a year for year basis. Thirty (30) semester credit hours is equivalent to one (1) year of work experience; Sixty (60) semester credit hours is equivalent to two (2) years of work experience.




When required to operate motor vehicles, employees must possess a valid non-CDL or CDL with appropriate endorsements as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the type of vehicle(s) being operated.




11/2010 Revised