The work involves responsibility for maintaining and participating in the operation of a mailroom to insure proper and efficient processing of mail and the application of postal regulations and procedures. The work includes the examination, sorting, weighing and posting of large amounts of outgoing mail, bulk mail, special deliveries and heavy or large shipments. When assigned to Onondaga Community College the work includes responsibility for participating in all phases of mail service of a central mailroom including all incoming and outgoing mail and the scheduling of deliveries and pickups. An employee in this class is expected to work with a large amount of independence. Supervision is received from a higher level employee who reviews work through reports and the efficient operation of mail services. When assigned to the college, an employee in this class assigns, reviews, and schedules the work of a Driver Messenger. Does related work as required.


Instructs personnel as needed in the legal requirements and procedures for bulk mailing, special delivery, insured mail, etc. to insure efficient handling and processing of all mail.

Keeps current with postal regulation changes, and notifies departments of such changes.

Maintains bulk mailing records and keeps monthly use reports for use in budgeting and planning.

Maintains the physical appearance of the mailroom to insure an efficient operation.

Operates mail processing machines which, depending on area of assignment, may include V-Sort for reduced postage machine,Pitney Bowes/SendSuite mail processor and KODAK bar code printer.

Controls use of postage meter and prepares related reports for mail department and Post Office.

Handles mailing problems, working with the staff, personnel and US Post Office officials.

Processes insured, certified and bulk mailings, keeping daily records and manages the verification process with the Post Office.

Keeps daily records of all mail processed.

May use a personal computer for filing or obtaining information.

Picks up and delivers all incoming and outgoing inter-office and US Postal mail.

When Assigned to Onondaga Community College

Schedules mail deliveries and pick ups allowing flexibility for department needs yet remaining within a basic time schedule.

Reschedules mail deliveries to accommodate special and vacation schedules so as to least interfere with the mailing operations.

Assist as needed with deliveries, pickups, shipping and receiving in the Central Stores Department.


Working knowledge of US postal regulations and procedures that affect mailing.

Skill in the use of mail processing machines.

Ability to plan and organize routine work.

Ability to maintain records and prepare written reports.

Ability to communicate well with others.

Ability to handle heavy objects such as mail bags.

Ability to use a personal computer.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


One (1) year of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in a mailroom or centralized mail distribution area.

NOTE: Fifteen (15) semester credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees may be substituted for six (6) months of required work experience.


When assigned to Onondaga Community College, possession of a valid New York State drivers license at time of appointment.

10/2012 Revised