EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN                                              09020        





        The work involves responsibility for providing emergency medical services to residents.  The employee operates specially equipped medical vehicles in the transport of victims to area hospitals.  The employee, having completed an Emergency Medical Technician course and possessing the certification at the basic level from the New York State Department of Health, renders initial medical services to persons requiring medical assistance.  The employee performs routine maintenance and custodial work on station and equipment when not performing the primary responsibility of the class.  Work is reviewed during emergency medical operations and maintenance for acceptable procedures by a superior.   Employees are required to re-certify on a periodic basis the Emergency Medical Technician certification required for the position.   Supervision of subordinate employees is not exercised in this class.  Does related work as required.




        Operates specially equipped vehicle to respond to medical emergencies and provides life support services to stabilize persons in life threatening situations resulting from trauma and other medical emergencies.

        Provides medical emergency service to accident or other emergency victims.

        At the direction of a monitoring physician, performs direct medical tasks including, but not limited to, defibrillation on persons requiring emergency services.

        Monitors and transmits vital signs of pulse, blood pressure and respiration and transmits biomedical information via telemetry, such as electrocardiograms.

        Administers oral, intramuscular and intravenous medications as directed by a monitoring physician via two-way radio.

        Applies rescue techniques and knowledge to effect the safety of persons trapped in vehicles and those stranded, marooned, or endangered by unusual circumstances.

        May assist in the development and implementation of an operational plan for response in a medical emergency due to major catastrophes and natural disasters.

        Maintains proficiency and State Basic or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Certification.

        Maintains or has others maintain records of emergency responses, patient treatment and problems encountered and their solutions rendered in the course of their shift.

        Maintains equipment in a clean and orderly condition which includes janitorial type cleanliness as well as minor maintenance and repairs.

        Maintains all required records and/or reports regarding ambulance and emergency medical activities; sends reports to appropriate agencies and distributes as necessary throughout the department.

        Responds to all ambulance and rescue emergency calls.

        Maintain the ambulance and rescue vehicles and their equipment in a ready state including all medical/drug supplies.




        Good knowledge of emergency medical technician policies, procedures and standards.

        Ability to perform emergency medical technical procedures.

        Ability to reason clearly and retain sound judgment during periods of crisis.

        Ability to establish and maintain a productive working relationship with fellow employees and the general public.

        Willingness to perform tasks assigned.

        Mental alertness.





        Possession of a current certification from the New York State Department of Health as an Emergency Medical Technician – Basic or higher.




        Possession of a valid New York State Operator's license from New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at time of appointment.


01/2022 Revised