Has responsible charge of the review and analysis of budgeting and fiscal operations of Onondaga County departments and agencies to assist county legislators in the drafting, enactment, and reviewing of legislation concerning the appropriation of funds; does related work as required.




An employee in this class serves at the pleasure of, the Onondaga County Legislature to carry out tasks that relate to the enactment Of legislation regarding budgeting and appropriation of funds. An employee in this class performs recurring work in the review and analysis of operating and capital budgets of county departments and agencies; in the analysis of monthly expenditure reports issued by the Executive Branch regarding expenditures o~ approved funds for efficient and effective utilization; and, in the study of budgetary issues and county programs and operations. The work product of an employee in this class consists‑of making recommendation to the following, so that they nay enact necessary legislation re­garding the appropriation of county funds: Chairperson on of the Onondaga County Legislature, the majority Leader, the Minority Leader, Chairpersons of legislative committees, and individual legislators. The Legislative Analyst then reviews or develops legislative proposals for the aforementioned members of the county legis­lature to carry recommendations to fruition, subject to the approval of legisla­tive members.


In carrying out those recurring duties concerned with the enactment of legislation regarding the appropriation of county funds, an employee in this class is in direct contact to the Chairperson of the Onondaga County Legislature, the Majority Leader, the Minority Leader, various legislative committees. The nature of the work requires the Legislative Analyst to be in direct contact with department heads of county government relative to issue analysis, program analysis (design and evaluation), and multi‑program, analysis (resource allocation). The Legislative Analyst is organizationally responsible to the Clerk of the Legislature.




Reviews, analyzes and verifies budget requests of county government departments and agencies relative to expenditures and requirements to operate said department or agency to provide technical information to county legislators to enact legislation regarding appropriations of funds to operate county government departments and agencies and to engage in policy planning and analysis in the enactment of fiscal and budgetary legislation.

Monitors county department and agency program and fiscal operation to deter mine whether assigned budgets are executed according to approved plans, applicable county statutes, and administrative guidelines so that county legislators may enact legislation regarding appropriations of funds to operate county governmental departments and agencies.

Develops or reviews developed legislation regarding appropriations of funds based upon review, analysis, and verification of budget requests of as well as monitor of program and fiscal operations of county governmental departments and agencies.

Drafts legislation regarding appropriations of funds in conjunction with legislators.

Reviews proposed budgetary and fiscal legislation and based upon review, recommends approval or disapproval from a budgetary or fiscal standpoint and suggests revisions of such legislation.

Confers with county legislative and county departmental personnel concerning. budgetary and fiscal issues and makes recommendations to legislators.

Carries out special assignments regarding budgetary and fiscal matters which require contact with legislators and executing reports and errands of a statistical, financial or narrative nature.




Performs such other tasks concerned with the enactment of budgetary or other fiscal legislation and policy analysis of same as directed by the Chairperson of the Onondaga County Legislature in consultation with the Majority and Minority Leaders.




Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of program planning, policy

Planning, Policy analysis, and effective budgeting, including cost analysis

monitoring and forecasting fund expenditures.

Knowledge of effective organization and management principles and practices.­

Good knowledge of local government process and procedure inclusive of drafting and enacting legislation..

Some knowledge of approved organizational structures and staffing patterns.

Ability to recognize organizational and budgetary principles in the analysis of agency proposals or operations.

Ability to recognize implications of present and projected resources in evaluating existing and proposed programs and legislation.

Ability to gather and analyze program and fiscal information, draw logical conclusions, and recommend solutions.

Ability to organize and prepare narrative and tabular information clearly and logically and ability to support written reports and recommendations orally at meetings.

Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with legislators and department heads of county agencies,




There are no qualifications for this position. Because the position is in the exempt class Of Civil Service, the appointing authority may make a personal appointment to the position.


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