This is a responsible administrative position requiring the implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive Airport Security Program and the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107, Federal Aviation Regulations for the safety and security of all persons utilizing Hancock International Airport. The position is required to direct activities to not only the Federal Aviation requirement but also serve as the training officer to update staff on current changes to the Airport Security Program and maintain the records function for the Program. The employee is allowed considerable independent action in carrying out the daily activities of the job. This class is distinct from the generic Safety Officer due to the requirements of the Federal Aviation Agency. This position does not actually carry out an assigned security staff beat or staff a control checkpoint. Those functions are the responsibility of the City of Syracuse Police Department assigned for this purpose. This class exercises independent judgment in assuring that security provisions are in place, are in compliance with FAA regulations and are being adhered to by those carrying out those functions. Assignments are received from the Commissioner of Aviation or a designated superior, through meetings and written directives. Performance is reviewed through observance, reception of complaints and conference. Supervision is not exercised by this class. Does related work as required.





Insures that the Airport Security Program of Hancock International Airport is being carried out with the FAA requirements by:

1) Training current staff affected by these regulations to insure that they are aware of these regulations and specifically those areas impacting upon the employees job activities.

2) Daily review and check of the program to insure compliance noting deficiencies for remedial action.

3) Insuring that an "open door" policy to both facilities, personnel and record maintenance/procedures policy are available to FAA Civil Aviation Security representatives.

4) Correcting any deficiencies found both locally and by FAA representatives to insure compliance.


Coordinates security activities and acts as liaison between the Aviation Department and the Syracuse Police Department on security matters.


Develops, implements and modifies a training program for City Police Officers working at the airport on unique duties and responsibilities associated with airport security, its facilities and their function.


Develops, implements and modifies training programs in compliance with FAA requirements under Part 107 and airport sound management practices.


Manages the airport's computerized access control system through:

1) Insure that all employees are issued appropriate cards.

2) Maintain necessary logs of access areas and their restricted personnel.

3) Confers with system vendors on identifiable problems, arranges for repairs when required.

4) Recommends to superiors changes that will enhance the system.


Conducts periodic background checks on employees as required by the FAA.





Good knowledge of FAA rules and regulations regarding the use and operation of airport facilities with concentration on airside.

Good knowledge of current trends and practices used in security applications at airports.

Some knowledge of computers, their applications and limitations as related to program developments incorporating their use.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, governmental officials and their employees as well as law enforcement agencies.

Ability to prepare concise reports for delivery both verbal and written reports.

Ability to express oneself verbally.

Physical condition commensurate with the requirements of the class.






A) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with an Associate Degree and two (2) years of professional level experience in the field of aviation specifically related to airport security; or,


B) Four years of professional level work experience, two (2) years of which must have been in the field of airport security; or,


C) An equivalent combination of the foregoing education and experience.




1/95 Date of Original Composition