The work involves responsibility for acting for and in the place of the Onondaga County Clerk and has responsibility for one (1) of two distinct functional work groups of the Onondaga County Clerk: Office Administration and Records and Records Intake. The work of Records and Records Intake pertains to the recording, filing and issuing of legal instruments. The work of Office Administration pertains to office and personnel management and general administration. Regardless of assignment, an employee in this class is expected to exercise a considerable amount of independent judgment since Principal Deputy County Clerks are subject matter experts in their respective assignments. The County Clerk exercises general direction over the work of employees in this class. Does related work as required.





Regardless of individual assignment:

Acts for and in the place of the County Clerk.


Depending upon assignment:

Oversees and participates in:

Receiving from individuals, lawyers, bankers, and court officers, legal instruments including, but not limited to, bankruptcies, court orders, foreclosure actions, assumed name certificates, judgments and records, limited partnerships, deeds, mortgages, mortgage assignments, mortgage discharges, separation agreements, money judgments, judgments of divorce, title affidavits, easements, trust agreements, and releases of liens, and examining these instruments to insure they are in a condition to be recorded or filed, i.e. filled out completely and correctly, have supporting papers where necessary, and that the instruments meet legal requirements for recording or filing.


Maintaining public contact on behalf of the County Clerk with private individuals, lawyers, bankers, and court officers in assisting them with meeting legal requirements for recording or filing.


Performs a variety of tasks for and in the stead of or in the absence of the County Clerk:

-undertaking special projects, such as working with data processing specialists in the computerization of manual systems;

-managing the office in the absence of the County Clerk as directed and authorized by Local Law;

-signing legal instruments for and in the place of the County Clerk; -determining, according to fee schedules, mortgage tax, transfer tax, and filing and recording fees;

-examining statements of judgment to ensure current calculations and allowable costs and disbursements;

-issuing authentication’s for notary public;

-swearing in municipal officials.


Performs office and personnel management and general administrative functions:

-preparing and overseeing expenditures from annual operating budget;

-planning and assigning work, and schedules time off; -dealing with problems with absenteeism, morale, discipline, office efficiency, employee development;

-canvassing eligible lists and interviewing candidates for purposes of recommending their employment;

-maintaining personnel related records;

-responsible for office purchasing and inventory control.



-2- 07320





Comprehensive knowledge of practices and procedures relative to the Office of the Onondaga County Clerk.

Thorough knowledge of subject matters assigned.

Good knowledge of principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to relate well with others.

Ability to reason clearly and exercise sound judgment.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.








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