The work involves responsibility for supervising the storeroom of a large department which includes responsibility for requisitioning, receiving, storing and distribution of a wide variety of supplies such as office supplies and furniture, automotive equipment and parts, gasoline, oil, tools, heavy equipment needed by department employees. An employee in this class is responsible for maintaining complete, accurate and up to date records of all transactions and maintaining security of the storeroom items. Responsibility also includes conducting periodic inventories to be sure that existing stock and stock that has been issued corresponds to inventory cards and store issues. A Storekeeper exercises independent judgment in devising the most efficient and accurate methods for storing and issuing supplies. Supervision is received from an administrative superior and exercise over a number of stock attendants, stock clerks and laborers.




Orders a wide variety of items for a department or departments upon request of an employee authorized to request materials; writes a requisition form that states the quantity and type of item to be purchased, with a brief description of the item if necessary; may suggest possible vendors for specialized items.

Contacts local vendors, refers to catalogues and uses a variety of sources when ordering unusual or specialized equipment and goods so that the Storekeeper can clearly explain to the Purchasing Agent or Buyer the items to be purchased.

Contacts the Purchasing Agent or Buyer by telephone or in person when placing difficult or unusual orders.

Receives incoming stock, checking these goods against the purchase orders to make sure they agree and contacts the vendors and arranges for the stock's return if it is not what is ordered.

Records on an inventory card all stock received listing the item(s) received, the date of receipt, the vendor, invoice number(s) and any other needed information.

Performs periodic inventories of the existing stock and of the store issues listing stock that has been dispensed, making sure that all records and physical inventory agree and that the stock is in good condition.

Arranges for the delivery of items from the vendor to the storeroom; when necessary, sends a subordinate to pick up items from vendors that are urgently needed or cannot be delivered.

Writes out a receiving slip upon receipt of the stock, checks the receiving slip against the requisition form and if the goods received match the original order, submits the receiving slips to the business office to authorize payment to the vendors.

Periodically does a "spot check" of the inventory cards and store issue forms to be sure the staff is filling these out accurately and completely and filing them properly.

Contacts vendors to track down back orders or follow up on incomplete orders.

May record and report inventory control changes of office equipment etc. for the materials management system which includes tagging items.

Answers inquiries on the telephone.

May enter into or retrieve from either p.c. or mainframe computer terminal information pertaining to items received and issued, inventories, pricing information, receiving dates and other pertinent data necessary to accurately maintain a computerized inventory/ordering system.


-2- 05410





Good knowledge of the methods and procedures used in stocking, receiving, and dispensing of a wide variety of materials.

Good knowledge of the procedures for requisitioning materials.

Working knowledge of computer capabilities with respect to inventories control and stock ordering.

Ability to keep accurate inventory records and make reports from these records.

Ability to make accurate arithmetical computations.

Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.




Two (2) years of permanent competitive status in the title of Stock Clerk.


Open Competitive:

Three (3) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in receiving, requisitioning, storing or shipping store items.



5/89 Revised