The work involves responsibility for performing routine manual and simple clerical work in receiving, storing, issuing and caring for a wide variety of items such as office supplies, foodstuffs, dry goods, automotive parts, tools, gasoline, and so on in a storeroom of a department. Work involves keeping simple store records and frequently involves strenuous manual tasks. Assignments are received in the form of goods and supplies to be stored and work is reviewed by a superior for condition of store supplies and accuracy and completeness of records. In some departments a Stock Clerk may have sole responsibility for the maintenance of the storeroom but is distinguished from a storekeeper in that the employee is not authorized to make purchases. Supervision is received from a storekeeper or an administrative superior. An employee in this class does not typically exercise supervision. Does related work as required.




Receives the goods by helping to unload them from delivery trucks, if necessary.

Unpacks goods and checks them against invoice statements from the company or against purchase orders.

Stores the goods and supplies in the proper areas of the storeroom and gives the invoice statement to a superior to be filed.

Issues supplies to personnel on approved requisitions; fills out a store issue that states what item(s) was taken out of stock and the person to whom it was issued; and makes note of the remaining supply of the item(s).

Maintains inventory cards on all items received in the storeroom by recording the item received, the date received, the vendor, the invoice number, etc.

Assists in taking periodic inventory of goods in stock and checks items against the inventory cards and store issues to see what has been dispensed.

Places liquid and dry goods in smaller containers for fast dispensing.

Assembles, packs, and transports or arranges for transporting materials and goods that are not picked up; picks up goods ordered from companies that do not deliver.

Cleans storeroom area and keeps shelves and stock in orderly condition.

May do minor maintenance tasks in the area such as painting, repairs to shelves, etc.

May be responsible for security of the storeroom such as locking doors and windows at close of business day.

When Assigned to the Onondaga County Department of Health:

Participates in public health preparedness activities as trained and assigned.

Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles and physical abilities.





Working knowledge of storeroom methods and procedures used in stocking, receiving, and dispensing a wide variety of supplies.

Ability to make simple arithmetic calculations.

Ability to carry out oral and written instructions.

Ability to maintain written and numerical records accurately and completely.

Sufficient physical strength and agility to permit the lifting and moving of heavy objects.




One (1) year of work experience, or its part‑time equivalent, in receiving, storing or shipping store items.


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