The employee in this class directs and conducts a staff relations program for the School District, the major components of which are the conduct of negotiations, contract administration, and administration of discipline and grievance procedures. The nature of the work requires incumbents to take the lead in assignments having major impact upon the School District. The employee is designated as the negotiator of labor agreements for the School District. Supervision is received from the Superintendent or other administrative superior. Does related work as required.




Acts as negotiator for the School District; prepares for and conducts contract negotiations with bargaining units to arrive at mutually satisfactory agreements on wages, hours and working conditions.

Ensures that the administration of collective bargaining agreements and policies relating to personnel administration are conducted in dignity, fairness and truthfulness.

Recommends appropriate members of the administration to serve on the negotiating team.

Identifies and compiles necessary data used in negotiations.

Recommends tentative agreements to the Superintendent for approval and makes recommendation to the Board of Education.

May recommend personnel policies and personnel placement to the Superintendent for approval and makes recommendation to the Board of Education.

Discusses requests from non-represented employees and employee groups on wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment, and recommends to the Superintendent results of these discussions.

Plans, organizes and assists in the representation of the District in fact-findings, arbitration, mediation and

representational proceedings.

Acts as official designee of the Superintendent at appropriate stages of the grievance process, serving as hearing officer for personnel and student hearings when so designated.

Coordinates all aspects of contract administration during the term of various contracts with employee organizations, ensuring appropriate evaluation of all staff with the various bargaining units.

Interprets the negotiated contracts to members of the administration and staff.

Regularly communicates with the union units in order to maintain and enhance positive employee relations.

Assists the appropriate administrator in the coordination of investigation and documentation of alleged unsatisfactory performance and improprieties by employees of the District.

Assists in the prosecution of disciplinary hearings where appropriate.

Establishes and enhances relationships between building administrators, professional and non-certified staff, parents and the community.

Directs the schools personnel program including recruitment, interviewing and selection of candidates, fringe benefits, job descriptions, wage and salary administration.

Prepares and maintains statistical information on all personnel and submits the necessary statistical reports to various governmental agencies and the Board of Education.

In conjunction with other designated administrators, initiates, prepares, and administers appropriate in-service and staff development programs with District responsibilities for evaluation, professional development, remediation, and performance improvement.




Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of personnel administration and employee relations as practiced under applicable state and federal civil service and labor legislation.

Good knowledge of contractual agreements covering employees in the district.

Good knowledge of principles and practices of public administration inclusive of organizational principles, management principles, fiscal processes, and personnel administration.

Good knowledge of principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to orally present clear and logical arguments on a wide variety of issues at negotiation sessions.

Ability to analyze information gathered for the purpose of making recommendations and decisions.

Ability to prepare detailed and complex correspondence for the purpose of explaining and supporting decisions and recommendations.

Ability to supervise a small number of professional, paraprofessional, and clerical employees.





A) Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regent to grant degrees with a baccalaureate degree supplemented by eighteen (18) semester credit hours in personnel/industrial relations and two (2) years of full time professional administrative work experience in labor management relations inclusive of collective bargaining experience; or,


B) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a degree in Law.


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