The work involves responsibility for performing a variety of personnel related activities in a municipal governmental agency. Under the general supervision of a higher level administrator an employee in this class functions at full performance level in accomplishing tasks assigned to build and maintain a work force that is effective in accomplishing the agency's mission and goals within the framework of the merit system. An employee in this class may have the major responsibility for the daily administration of employee disciplinary actions and the initial processing of union grievances for a large work force. In addition, an employee in this class may conduct personnel studies with significant agency ramifications and participate in intra or interdepartmental management committees concerned with resolving broad issues in personnel administration such as administering employee performance evaluation processes. An employee in this class exercises general supervision over a small number of subordinates. Does related work as required


Supervises the administration of a number of tasks pertaining to the appointment, assignment and evaluation of personnel

Oversees the maintenance of a position or item control system to facilitate effective and efficient utilization of organizational staff.

Supervises the canvass of eligible lists and arranges for appropriate program supervisory participation in employment interviews. May personally interview eligible candidates for particular positions.

Confers with program managers, other agency administrators and Civil Service representatives to resolve questions relating to the appointment, transfer or reinstatement of individual employees.

Maintains liaison with program managers to ascertain current and projected personnel support requirements.

Administers reductions in staff in accordance with agency resources and priorities and within the framework of the Civil Service Law and supporting regulations and procedures.

Supervises the preparation of personnel transactions in accordance with Civil Service Law, and applicable rules, regulations and directives.

Supervises the maintenance of personnel files, which include employment information, performance evaluations and comments, and payroll and salary information.

Advises program managers, supervisors and individual employees on applicable laws, rules, directives or negotiated agreements which affect the appointment, promotion, termination or salary of employees.

Develops and/or reviews requests for new positions, reclassifications, reallocation, earmark releases, increased minimum hiring rates, area and shift pay differentials and related classification and compensation matters.

Prepares or supervises the preparation of agency classification requests and supporting justifications. Confers with program staff, Civil Service and Budget representatives as necessary to further explain and support classification proposals.

Reviews job analysis data for a given position to evaluate appropriate knowledges, skills and abilities required. Confers with agency program managers and Civil Service representatives to develop the scope of the examination.

Conducts special studies designed to gather and evaluate information which may be used by management to solve a problem or to improve the agency's personnel program:

May conduct a survey of specific personnel practices of other agencies, private companies or other governmental jurisdictions to obtain data and identify both positive and negative features of individual practices

May supervise the audit of such programs as administration of attendance rules, worker’s compensation cases, performance ratings to gather specific data and evaluate it against agency needs and objectives and finally recommends or carries out appropriate remedial actions.

Supervises a subordinate staff of employees engaged in activities in support of developing and maintaining an adequate and competent organizational work force.

Depending upon the area of assignment, assists in the administration of the employee relations program:

Interprets terms of negotiated contracts to various agency personnel to ensure uniform understanding.

Conducts or supervises the conduct of pertinent background and factual data gathering on individual grievances and disciplinary matters.

Submits recommendations as appropriate.

Prepares or supervises the preparation of various personnel reports and related correspondence.

May be responsible for developing and carrying the organization's staff development and training program:

Identifies staff development and training needs through discussions with program managers.

Explores available short‑range and long‑range training resources, such as orientation classes, on‑the‑job training, rotational assignments, and on‑site and off‑site formal classes. Initiates action as appropriate to obtain needed priority training resources.

Plans, organizes, schedules and coordinates training programs as needed.

May personally conduct training sessions on given subjects.

Reviews and evaluates effectiveness of training effort through audits of individual classes and discussions with program managers on improvements noted.

As assigned, may supervise the administration of various employee oriented services.

Performs administrative tasks related to the management of an office and mission of the agency assigned.


When assigned to the Onondaga County Health Department

Participates in public health preparedness activities as trained and assigned.



Good knowledge of the principles and practices of public personnel administration.

Good knowledge of the principles and techniques of supervision.

Good knowledge of various functional areas in the personnel field and the interrelationship of these functions.

Ability to establish rapport with agency staff and others in order to gather information about programs and jobs; and to interview, select, and counsel employees.

Ability to organize and analyze facts, and to draw logical conclusions.

Ability to identify and resolve personnel problems.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing for the purpose of explaining and supporting personnel requests, recommendations and actions.




Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Personnel Analyst.

Open Competitive:

A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and two (2) years of professional level work experience, or its part‑time equivalent, in Personnel or Civil Service Administration, Employer/Employee Relations, Employment and Training or Job Development, Personnel Counseling or Placement, or a closely related field; or,


B. Six (6) years of paraprofessional or professional level work experience, or its part‑time equivalent, at least two (2) years of which have been in a professional level capacity in Personnel or Civil Service Administration, Employee/Employer Relations, Employment and Training or Job Development, Personnel Counseling or Placement, or a closely related field; or,


C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.


NOTE: Successful completion of graduate semester hours in Personnel, Labor Relations, Public Administration, or a closely related field from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university may be substituted for work experience as follows: Thirty (30) graduate semester hours is equivalent to one (1) year of specialized work experience; sixty (60) graduate semester hours is equivalent to two (2) years of specialized work experience.


12/2018 Revised