Under the general supervision of the County Executive or Deputy Executive, an employee in this class is responsible for public communications and relations work performed in the implementation of a public information program for county government and its departments and agencies whose activities have economic, political or social implications of considerable impact on the public, specialized professional trade, or other agencies and groups in the County. An employee in this class is responsible for insuring that the public information program is in compliance with New York State Freedom of Information and Open Meeting Laws.

An employee in this class functions at full performance in preparing and disseminating written materials used in promoting or publicizing an agency program, advising administrators to inform them how to utilize media services, in writing and editing speeches, scripts, news releases, and other informational materials. An employee in this class maintains relationships with media personnel in order to provide information on county government activities and in scheduling news conferences and interviews for the County Executive, County Legislators and other officials of county government.

An employee in this class works with the County Executive and the Deputy County Executive in making recommendations, seeking approval and receiving direction regarding scheduling and conduct of news conferences and release of County information. Work assignments are received from the County Executive as well as the Deputy Executive, allowing considerable latitude for the exercise of independent judgment in the performance of duties. Does related work as required.




Participates in a local public information program by:


Conferring with officials involved to determine subject matter, sources of information, and the impact on the audience and public relations of agency;


Determining the information needed and verifying it by collecting information from various sources including publications, files, telephone or written inquiries, interviews, conferences or visits to governmental agencies;


Writing or editing draft texts and suggesting format and distribution of same by reviewing with superiors;


Preparing and supervising the completion of final copy, including introductory matter text and captions; indicating graphics such as photographs, charts, drawings, graphs, as needed and reviews these proposals with superiors;


Scheduling and arranging news conferences, news releases, and media coverage for County Executive and all other government officials and department heads;


Responding to informational requests by media personnel, individuals and groups directed to County Executive and other government officials.








Administers the Freedom of Information Law and the Open Meetings Law by:


Insuring compliance by agencies in the promulgation of rules and regulations regarding public access to records (as defined by §87 of the Freedom of Information Law);


Insuring that notices regarding open meetings are properly held, and that executive sessions are conducted in conformance to §94 and §95 of the Open Meeting Law.


Has considerable latitude for the exercise of independent judgment in advising administrators in methods of utilizing media services, proposing public information policies for the agency, or changes in present policies on matters such as handling inquiries from the news media under the Freedom of Information legislation.

Consults with County Executive on nature, content and impact of all media contacts made with County Government.




Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public relations.

Good knowledge of the use and limitations of various media needed to reach the audiences of importance to an agency.

Good knowledge of the techniques and practices of verbal and written communications.

Good knowledge of writing style, vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

Working knowledge of the functions, goals and programs of county agencies.

Ability to research and verify information including such sources as general

and specialized libraries and research facilities, publications and interviews.

Ability to develop and maintain harmonious relationships with media personnel, persons and groups within, as well as outside county agencies.

Ability to proofread prose and graphic materials and edit written work of others. Physical ability commensurate with the demands of the position.




There are no minimum qualifications stipulated for this position.