This is specialized clerical work in the receipt and review of input data, control and set up of input for computer processing, and the review of outputs for user departments and/or agencies. An employee in this class is expected to independently carry out routine duties after initial orientation and on-the-job training, under the general supervision of a Control Clerk Supervisor or other administrative superior. The employee reviews and processes work according to prescribed procedures and standards of product quality. Required logs and reports are also maintained of all work received and processed for-user agencies. Work is reviewed through a check of product quality. This class exercises no supervision. However, more experienced personnel may assist in training new staff.

Depending upon area of assignment, the employee may be responsible for direct contact with users to resolve input errors, provide information and assist in the completion of standard input forms. Such contact may be limited or extensive depending upon specific job assignment. Standards for the review and processing of input and output may vary as well. For example, employees in the Board of Cooperative Educational Services are required to thoroughly review the intermediate results of computer processing (edits) and to follow-up on errors with the user before the final product is processed and disbursed. Employees in other locations review output only for adherence to type of output requested, legibility and identification of user to receive reports.

Employees may be required to operate a variety of data processing equipment such as bursters, decollators, sorters, optical scanners and visual display terminals. The operation of this equipment can be learned on the job and no prior knowledge is required. Does related work as required.


Receives and logs input for computer processing from user agencies and/or departments.

Reviews input according to prescribed procedures and using written standards to determine acceptability of source documents.

Maintains control over input received, job requests and all other information and materials related to the processing of input so that all work is properly accounted for.

Sorts input and distributes to appropriate operations personnel for processing.

Reviews outputs according to prescribed procedures and standards of acceptability.

Prepares output for disbursal to users that may involve operation of bursters, decollators, folders, joggers, and shredders or check writers.

Maintains logs of incoming and outgoing materials for tracking purposes, record of processing time and other information as required by agency standards.

Assists user agency personnel in the completion of standard input forms, resolving clerical errors in the processing of computer data, and providing general information.

Contacts user agency personnel, usually by telephone, to correct improper or missing data input and to resolve errors that appear on edits.

Ensures the orderly flow of production work through the data processing facility by examining problems and initiating corrective action within operations or with user.

Use personal computer or on-line terminal to input, edit, verify or update data electronically to a database for processing purposes.

May assist supervisors in the training of user agency, personnel.

May perform basic office duties such as answer phone, file reports, type and distribute letters.

May perform basic arithmetic computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division through the use of electronic calculators.

Depending on Area of Assignment, May Also Perform the Following Activities:

Transfers numerical and/or alphabetical data from one document to another using keypunch machine, visual display terminal or similar equipment.

Checks newly entered data against source documents and verify accuracy of data entered either visually or by user of computer-produced error listing.


Good knowledge of the principles and practices of data processing as related to the processing of input and output.

Good knowledge of clerical procedures as related to data processing with emphasis on code matching and basic arithmetic skills.

Ability to maintain records of all inputs, outputs and in process programs.

Ability to maintain control on all acceptable input.

Ability to organize ones work in a logical manner and according to established priorities.

Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

Ability to maintain accurate records and logs.

Ability to learn the operation of basic data processing equipment.



Six (6) months of permanent competitive class status as a Data Entry Equipment Operator.


A) Successful completion of nine (9) semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college, university, or business school in computer science, accounting, office management, or a closely related field; or,

B) Six (6) months of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in data processing product support or the clerical processing of computer input and output products (such as control clerk, job set-up clerk, computer aide, data entry equipment operator, etc.); or,

C) Six (6) months of clerical work experience, or its part time equivalent, in detailed record keeping or bookkeeping which must have included responsibility for reviewing, verifying or looking up information on computer outputs or visual display terminals.

7/2014 Revised