The work involves responsibility for meeting facilities management objectives through IT applications and services. The incumbent acts in a liaison capacity to provide training in the use of existing services, to investigate and evaluate potential use of application features and to identify and assist in the resolution of problems. Several Systems Consultant positions exist within the computer center with specific and different credentials required for each position depending on the systems application area. Each consultant position is distinct and the responsibilities of one application area do not overlap the responsibilities of any of the other areas. This position is also distinct from the programming, analytical or technical support classifications in that there is no involvement in the development of the computer system, its language, specifications, operations or design. The major emphasis of the position is in the use and function of the specific data applications and utilizing systems to meet the current and potential facilities management needs of various school districts. General supervision is received from an administrative superior, with work being reviewed through conferences and consultation on specific problems. Supervision is not a regular responsibility of the position. Does related work as required.




Evaluates and reviews the preventative maintenance and event scheduling recording keeping needs of the school districts as they apply to maintenance management. Identifies methods of meeting these needs and other facilities management objectives through the use of existing applications, subscription to additional services or by requesting new or expanded services from appropriate computer center technical or support personnel.

Studies user application operations and identifies areas of potential improvement, assists the user in developing objectives for improving utilization and identifies and explains any additional available services which could be utilized in meeting their facility (maintenance and IT) management needs and objectives.

Organizes and provides formal and informal training sessions and workshops for school district personnel and computer support service personnel involved with facility maintenance management record keeping services to develop and maintain skills in the utilization of the system applications, to review existing, expanded or modified applications or to introduce new application features.

Reviews customer complaints, concerns and application problems and investigates their causes; identifies problem source and requests remedial action to be taken by operations and programming staff.

Reviews existing application procedures to insure compatibility with acceptable data processing control and with the requirements of personnel in the district.

Initiates requests for new or expanded services to appropriate computer center personnel and coordinates the collection and analysis of detailed specifications to insure that all data and documentation requirements are satisfied.

Assists in the development and review of user documentation, training materials and related forms.

Attends professional and business meetings as a representative of the computer center and local district user.

Assists in the development of work schedules to meet district processing needs and requirements.





Good knowledge of the use, function and potential of computerized facility maintenance management record keeping services as they apply to facility maintenance management in an educational environment.

Good knowledge of the capabilities involved in the input and output of computerized data.

Working knowledge of the function and operation of the computer terminal, its language and codes.

Ability to communicate the systems service goals and objectives to individuals and groups to stimulate their interest and participation.

Ability to train user personnel in the operation and application of new, modified or expanded procedures of a computerized facility maintenance management record keeping system.

Ability to organize and present thoughts and procedures in a clear, concise and thorough manner.

Ability to gather and analyze information and draw logical conclusions.

Ability to lead discussions and make formal presentations.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school district personnel and computer center staff.




A. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a baccalaureate degree and two (2) years of professional level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in facility maintenance management software application and utilization, or;


B. Six (6) years of professional work experience, or its part time equivalent, two (2) years which must have been in facility maintenance management software application and utilization, or;


C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.


NOTE: Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a master's degree in education or a closely related field, may be substituted for up to one year of work experience.