The work involves responsibility for being in charge of a print shop performing skilled tasks in the supervision, operation and maintenance of offset printing presses, digital printers/copiers and associated equipment (e.g. trimmers, folders, sealers, binders etc.) utilized in the production of low to high volume copies of directories, booklets, reports, street guides, forms, posters, brochures, handouts, stationery, business cards and promotional materials for all the departments and divisions within Onondaga County government as well as their affiliated agencies (e.g. member libraries, courts, etc.). Coordinates and schedules production by assigning work to insure an even workflow, and reviewing the completed work. An employee in this class is expected to maintain a supplies inventory, report equipment usage, complete information for charges of services rendered to departments for monthly accounting and billing purposes, insure compliance to safety rules and recommend new equipment as needed. Also maintains an up−to−date file system of all work requisitions specifying the number, type, kind of paper and sample of copies desired. An employee in this class is expected to maintain strong customer relationships; build and nourish a team culture built on pride in workmanship and service; and recommend service improvements to their supervisor. Work is performed under the general supervision of an administrative superior. Work specifications are reviewed in consultation with administrative superiors. An employee in this class leads, participates and supervises the work of all print shop personnel. Does related work as required.


Supervises, leads and participates in the operation and preventative maintenance of all machinery and equipment utilized in the printing and reproduction of copies in the print shop.

Directs and supervises the daily activities of subordinate employees by assigning work, reviewing work, checking quality output and planning workflow.

Instructs and trains employees in the operation of all print shop equipment by demonstrating how to operate and clean machines, check ink levels, read gauges properly and set equipment to collate sets of copies, fold, perforate and other related functions.

Calculates costs of shop operations, monthly billing charges and maintains a daily work log and monthly job report and records.

Develops and insures conformity to safety procedures and observes OSHA regulations.

Depending on area of assignment, receives job requisitions of work from departments specifying number, type and sample of copies to be printed.

Operates vertical camera by setting up scale for proper size of reproduced photograph, set lenses for proper exposure and adding filters for colored photograph copies.

Makes film negatives for plate making.

Operates paper cutter to cut paper to proper size for printing single or multi−part forms.

Operates the offset press, by setting up paper by its appropriate size for feeding, adjusting plate for printing space and laying ink on the paper and insuring proper registration.

Maintains supplies inventory by ordering new stock, supplies and equipment as needed.

Mixes chemicals in making film negatives by diluting developer and fixer (stop bath) solutions with water to develop film negatives.

Pads forms, such as message pads, by cutting to specified sizes, stacking, gluing and separating forms.



Thorough knowledge of the printing trade as applied to high volume digital printing/ copying technologies and offset printing technologies, equipment, tools and terminology necessary to perform the duties.

Thorough knowledge of the operation and maintenance of machinery that prints, copies, laminates, cuts, staples, folds and all other machinery utilized in the printing and reproducing of materials.

Good knowledge of plate making, use of vertical camera, striping of negatives and supplies used such as different kinds of ink and paper.

Working knowledge of job costs as it relates to equipment and supply consumption.

Working knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Ability to assess office supply needs and the extent of machinery deterioration in the requisitioning of equipment, machinery and consumable production supplies.

Ability to work collaboratively with Print Shop clients.

Ability to direct and supervise the daily activities of all subordinate personnel.

Ability to insure compliance with safety rules and regulations.

Ability to relate well with others and work as a team.




One (1) year of permanent non-competitive class status as a Duplicating Machine Operator II.



Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the reproduction of records or designs by the use of high volume digital printing/copying technologies and by mechanical transfer of ink or dye to the surfaces of material by the use of type, plates, dies, stencils, etc., inclusive of the preparation of types or plates.

NOTE: To qualify you must have experience with high speed (100−135 simplex pages per minute) programmable printing/copying technology. Low speed office type copiers do not meet this qualification.


04/2019 Revised