This is entry level work involving the routine preparation and operation of one or more of a variety of office machines such as photocopiers, mimeograph machines, addressing machines, collators, inserters, staplers and bursters. Incumbents adjust the machine, tend the machine during its operation, and perform minor maintenance requiring only elementary knowledge and skills. Incumbents may also be assigned basic clerical or general office duties depending on location. Work is performed under direct supervision and in accordance with pre‑established procedures. Office Machine Operators have no supervisory responsibilities. Does related work as required.

Incumbents may specialize by the exclusive operation of one or two machines; however, no title is used to describe such positions. Specialized titles are used only where a specialized skill or prerequisite training or experience is required such as Word Processing Machine Operator, Duplicating (Offset Print) Machine Operator or Data Entry Operator.

Although Office Machine Operator describes positions primarily involved the operation of a variety of office machines, other general or specialized clerical classes also may regularly operate such machines in connection with those duties which form the basis of their classification.




The following are typical activities and tasks performed by Office Machine Operators however, the particular tasks performed vary depending on the type of machine(s) operated.

Prepares machine for operation by obtaining supplies loading machines and making routine tension and alignment adjustments.

Makes test run of material, observing output, to check adjustments and make further adjustments as necessary.

Tends machine during its operation to insure material is flowing properly and smoothly through machine.

Removes jammed material and make necessary adjustments to continue operation.

Adds toner, developer, fuser oil or other material as needed to keep machines functioning in most efficient manner.

Loads and unloads material from machine as necessary.

Records production figures for assignments completed.

Performs minor maintenance cleaning and repairs on machines in accordance with operating instructions to insure optimum performance.

Uses hand tools such as pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers to adjust machine and to perform minor maintenance.

Calls for service when machine malfunctions or reason for stoppage exceeds operator's knowledge.

Maintains simple logs or inventories as required by supervisor.

May perform general office duties as required such as filing, answering the telephone, simple record keeping, and making pickups and deliveries to various offices.




Working knowledge of the operation, adjustment and care of machines operated.

Ability to identify unsatisfactory machine output.

Ability to coordinate eye and hand movement in making minor repairs and adjustments to machines.

Ability to use hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches.

Ability to carry out simple written and oral instructions.

Ability to stand, walk and stoop for periods of time.

Ability to lift standard size package of paper and liquid supplies.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.




There are no minimum qualifications for this class.


NOTE: Incumbents may be required to complete training courses of machine manufacturer while on the job.



Date Revised 1/02