Acts in the absence of the Receiver of Taxes and Assessment for a town within the County of Onondaga. When not acting in this capacity, assists the Receiver in carrying out of the office duties as stipulated in Town Law. This class requires a bondable person since large sums of money are being taken in and accounted for at certain times of the year. Work assignments are received verbally from the Receiver of Taxes and Assessment and performance is checked by audit of tax records, books and complaints received from the general public. An employee in this class does not normally supervise. Does related work as required.





Collect and record taxes levied for town, county and school district. This requires the issuance of a receipt, entry of transaction into accounts receivable, balancing cash at the close of the days business and make deposit of on hand cash.

Enter into tax ledges the date and amount of taxes paid.

Assists in computing and extending tax rates for special districts for beginning of calendar year and issue tax bills. This may involve dozens of water districts set up by individual account.

Upon receipt of tax bills pull tax bills and sends to mortgage institutions to encumber escrow payments.

Insure that tax bills and assessment on tax rolls are properly addressed to the owner of record.

Assist senior citizens and veterans in filing for special exemption on taxes. This involves eliciting data to insure taxpayer qualifies under one of these classes;

On County, Town and special district taxes, collects and records mailed taxes, balances daily receipt sheets and cash drawer; correct and verify deposit amounts and making out deposit slips.

Balance tax books, record unpaid tax bills for return to the County Commissioner of Finance; post dates taxes were paid in books.

Answer telephone calls and letters pertaining to incorrect tax payments, late tax payments and inquiries about taxes and properties located in the town.





Thorough knowledge of bookkeeping principles and practices.

Thorough knowledge of procedures used in setting up and balancing of ledgers and accounts.

Good knowledge of office procedures and practices.

Ability to operate adding machines, calculators and other office machines

Ability to make arithmetic computations rapidly.

Ability to apply bookkeeping principles to the setting up and maintenance of accounting records.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.





This title is normally found in the Exempt class of the Appendices. In instances where second positions are not approved, then they are considered competitive and must adhere to the following qualifications:


A) Graduation from a two (2) year college or business institute with a degree in Business Administration or Accounting and two (2) years of work experience that required responsibility for and the maintenance of a set of books; or,




-2- 02870



B) Four (4) years of work experience that required responsibility for maintaining a set of books including a general ledger; or,


C) An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).




3/84 Date of Original Composition


Review Date: 03/1984