The Chief Fiscal Officer is responsible for directing and overseeing the financial operations of the county. The incumbent prepares and defends the county budget, monitors and enforces the budget, manages the county’s cash on hand and debts, levies and collects taxes, secures insurance and coverage for the county, and performs other duties related to the distribution and management of county finances. The work is completed at the executive level under the general supervision of the Deputy County Executive. The position requires interaction with coworkers, state and local government employees and legislators, elected officials, the County Executive, administrators, department heads, fiscal officers, bankers, bond counsel, fiscal advisors, credit rating agency officials, the medial, businesses, vendors, contract agencies and staff, and the general public. The position exercises functional and direct supervision over department staff, projects and internal functions. Does related work as required.


Develops proposed annual budget and capital program, develops annual spending targets for departments, reviews department budget requests and revenue estimates, defends the proposed budget, and negotiates a final budget with the Legislature;

Monitors and enforces the county budget, including reviewing reports and projections, developing financial strategies, and analyzing department budgets;

Identifies and implements programs designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of department and county and department operations;

Conducts the sale of bonds and maintains records of county debt;

Monitors county cash flow to ensure adequate funds are available to meet county expenditure needs;

Collects and deposits all taxes, fees, charges and aid owed to the county;

Invests county funds in order to maximize financial return;

Secures insurance coverage for a variety of risks, ranging from property damage to foster care liability;

Directs and implements loss control and accident reduction programs;

Manages county health, dental, disability, and other benefit programs;

Levies and collects county taxes, including determining taxes owed, preparing tax bills, and enforcing the collection;

Prepares and maintains tax maps for all jurisdictions within the county;

Advises County Executive of the financial elements of major policy and programmatic issues.



Comprehensive knowledge of the purposes, principles, terminology, and practices employed in accounting, budge preparation, and financial management.

Comprehensive knowledge of legislation, current problems, and professional literature in the fields of accounting, budget preparation, and financial management.

Comprehensive knowledge of advanced professional techniques in the fields of accounting, budget preparation, and financial management.

Comprehensive knowledge of local and state law, procedures, and policies as they relate to the mission of the department and the county as a whole.

Comprehensive knowledge of administrative planning, management, and supervision as it applies to the position.

Comprehensive knowledge of large-scale government billing.

Comprehensive knowledge of large-scale and government budget development.

Comprehensive knowledge of contracts, leases, and vendor negotiation.

Comprehensive knowledge of the rules and stipulations associated with health insurance, Medicaid, and similar health programs.

Comprehensive knowledge of the preparation and interpretation of fiscal, statistical, technical, and narrative reports regarding department financial activities;

Comprehensive knowledge of financial investing;

Comprehensive knowledge of county taxes, their assessment, and their collection.

Thorough knowledge of department and county personnel policies, including benefits, payroll and insurance.

Thorough knowledge of Onondaga County government, geography, economics, demographics, society, goals, politics, policies and procedures.

Thorough knowledge of county department operations, organization, accountability, and responsibility.

Thorough knowledge of resources available for use in the completion of department objectives.

Ability to analyze recent problems, assess future problems, and formulate complex action plans to facilitate resolution of said problems.

Ability to perform mathematical calculations.

Outstanding professional leadership ability.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



This is an unclassified position.



11/00 Revised