The work involves responsibility for the administration of the business and accounting activities of the Onondaga County Department of Social Services. This is an administrative position involving considerable independent responsibility for the supervision and coordination of the fiscal and operational services in support of the social services programs. The incumbent is responsible for developing, implementing and administering programs and policies for administrative services in conjunction with, or in the absence of, specific state and federal mandates and has final authorization of fiscal policy. Work is performed under the general direction of the Commissioner of Social Services and/or the Executive Deputy Commissioner of Social Services in accordance with policies and objectives, permitting the frequent exercise of independent judgment. General supervision is exercised over a substantial number of administrative, program, fiscal and clerical personnel. Incumbents must successfully pass a background check. Does related work as required.


Performs the financial management of all department monies through the formulation of fiscal, accounting, and managerial aspects of agency policy and develops and maintains the department's accounting controls; insures that maximum reimbursement is established for administrative and program expenditures through allocation and reallocation; coordinates, supervises and control payments and receipt of administrative monies.

Prepares the department's annual budget for review and/or revision by the Commissioner, which includes but is not, limited to program costs, administrative costs, equipment needs assessment and personnel needs assessment. Negotiates agreements for vendors including but not limited to protective services, preventive services, day care services, foster care placements, nursing home placements, etc.; drafts the legal documents for all vendor agreements; coordinates the fiscal program and legal components of each agreement.

Interprets legal agreements for the Commissioner; reviews all contractual agreements drawn up by outside vendors prior to approval by the department. Formulates fiscal, accounting and managerial aspects of agency policy; ensures that ongoing training is done so that staff develops and maintains a comprehensive knowledge of governmental accounting principles, techniques and standards particularly as they relate to federal and state social services expenditures.

Meets on a regular basis with other division heads in the department, representatives of the County Budget Department, Comptroller's Office and Purchasing Department to ensure proper expenditures of public assistance funds and facilitate integration of program and fiscal services.

Interprets federal and state regulations, bulletins and procedural directives with the Commissioner and all division heads and develops administrative procedures to implement them. Make all purchases for the department. Administers the accounting function for the Hillbrook Detention juvenile facility including revenue and expenditure analysis, purchase requisitions and claims.

Prepares reports for the Commissioner, deputies and program directors, as well as the County Legislature and Executive Branch.

Prepares responses for all financial audits of county, state, federal or independent accounting firms.

Responsible for field audits of agencies with which the department has contracted services.

Responsible for insuring that the department's fiduciary Support Enforcement Unit collects monies owed under Family Court orders and that these monies are disbursed properly; prepares arrears studies for courtroom use and testifies as an expert witness.


Thorough knowledge of business administration and management practices and procedures.

Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and techniques.

Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to Social Services activities.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Good knowledge of the budget preparation process including state and local guidelines, procedures and policies.

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relations with the public and other governmental and private agencies.

Ability to develop and maintain fiscal reporting systems.

Ability to interpret organizes and consolidates narrative and tabular information.

Ability to prepare written material.

Ability to draft and interpret legal documents and vendor contracts.

Ability to make oral presentation of reports and budget.




One (1) year of permanent competitive status as an Accounting Supervisor Grade A; or,

Two (2) years of permanent competitive status as an Accounting Supervisor Grade B.

Open Competitive:

Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a baccalaureate degree and six (6) years of professional level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in business or public administration or accounting, three (3) years of which must have been in a managerial, administrative or supervisory capacity.


Successful completion of graduate semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university in business or public administration or accounting may be substituted for work experience as follows: Thirty (30) graduate hours is equivalent to one (1) year of managerial, administrative or supervisory work experience.

09/2016 Revised