This is professional and administrative work in directing a County Advisory Tax Service and Appraisal Department for City and Town Assessors and the County Office of Real Property Tax Services. The work involves responsibility for providing accurate, timely information and advice on real property appraisal, equalization and assessment. Work is performed under general direction of the County Legislature or appointing authority and is subject to the general review by the State Board of Real Property Tax Services. Supervision is exercised over the work of appraisal, technical and clerical staff. Does related work as required.




Services to County (Statutory)

Provides pertinent data to the County Office of Real Property Tax Services and to the County Clerk.

Coordinates a countywide revaluation program.

Prepares annual and special reports as required by the County Legislature and the State Board of Real Property Tax Services.

Serves on any county agriculture and farmland protection board established in the county.


Services to City and Towns (Statutory)

Prepares and maintains tax maps and provides copies to Assessors.

On request of appropriate authority, provides advisory appraisals on moderately complex taxable properties.

Advises Assessors on preparation and maintenance of assessment rolls, property record cards and other records necessary to professional real property assessment and taxation.

Provides appraisal cards in forms and quantity prescribed by the State Board of Real Property Tax Services.

Cooperates and assists in State Board of Real Property Tax Services training programs.


When Authorized by County Legislature

May assist in the sale of real property acquired by tax sale.

Performs recording officer duties in relation to reports of transfers of real property.

Supplies cities and towns with assessment rolls or other forms for use in connection with the preparation of assessment rolls or the collection of property taxes.



Establishes and maintains a comprehensive real property tax services program to assist in the development of equitable assessment practices.

Maintains a variety of records and statistical data for control and reporting purposes.

Directs and trains the field and office property appraisal staff.

Assists Assessors on unique valuation problems.




Comprehensive knowledge of modern principles, practices and theory of real property valuation and assessment.

Comprehensive knowledge of real property tax laws and judicial and administrative determinations governing valuation of real property.

Thorough knowledge of deeds and related property records and ability to understand their relation to valuation processes.

Thorough knowledge of office and staff management.

Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with the public, Assessors and County officials.

Ability to plan, organize, and supervise the work of others.

Ability to effectively utilize and explain the use of tax maps and other valuation tools.

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Good judgment.




A. 1) Graduation from high school or possession of an accredited high school equivalency diploma; and,

2) Eight (8) years of satisfactory full‑time paid experience in an occupation providing a good knowledge of real property values and the principles, methods, and procedures required for the assessment of real property for tax purposes, such as assessor, principal in an appraisal firm, director of a mass appraisal project, administrative position in the office of real property tax services or real property tax agent. As part of the foregoing work experience or in connection with any other work experience candidates must have had at least three (3) years of full‑time paid administrative experience involving the responsibility of planning, organizing and directing a work program; or,


B. Graduation from an accredited two year college and seven (7) years of the experience described in subdivision (A) (2) of this section; or,


C. Graduation from an accredited four year college and six (6) years of the experience described in subdivision (A) (2) of this section; or,


D. An equivalent combination of the education and experience described in subdivision (A) (2) of this section, subject to the following:

(a) One year of graduate study may be substituted for one year of the foregoing experience. No more than two (2) years of graduate study may be applied as a substitute for the foregoing experience.

(b) In no case shall less than four (4) years of the experience described in subdivision (A) (2) of this section be acceptable.


4/2014 Revised






The training and qualification requirements for County Directors are defined in the Rules of the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance §188-4.3. County civil service offices or county personnel offices considering an individual for appointment should submit an Application for Qualifications Review (RP-3006) to the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services prior to making an appointment.



County Director appointments, as prescribed in the Real Property Tax Law (RPTL) §1530 shall be for a six year term of office.