The Director of Accounting Services (Syracuse City Schools) performs responsible administrative work supervising the business operations of the district, including accounting, purchasing, and warehouse and property control department staff. Under direction of the Comptroller or administrative superior, this employee is allowed independence and initiative in areas of concern and responsibility which may include, but not be limited to, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, preparation of financial statements and year-end closings as well as property control and warehouse functions. The incumbent supervises a large staff of professional and clerical accounting staff. Does related work as required.





Administers, supervises and evaluates all business operations including accounting, purchasing, and warehouse and property control department staff.

Prepares year-end financial statements.

Prepares monthly financial statements for the Board and annual financial statements for audit.

Coordinates documentation for financial audits performed by granting agencies.

Ensures all financial records are available for review.

Oversees the preparation and submission of ST-3.

Provides and coordinates fiscal management and reporting functions of the food service program through the establishment of a system of controls to assure compliance.

Establishes internal reporting controls to ensure adequate information for fulfillment of responsibility for state and federal filing requirements.

Implements strategic initiatives to improve the efficiency of procurement procedures.

Maintains the integrity of the general ledger, including all financial transactions.

Establishes accounting records and procedures to conform to district policy, state and federal requirements and installs procedures for encumbrance, expense accounting and distribution of revenues in proper fund accounts.

Provides primary support in all aspects of external audit process.

Develops and supervises the maintenance and control of property classifications and inventory systems for fixed assets and supplies.

Develops monthly cash flow statements to aid in determining cash available for investment and/or borrowing needs.

Maintains various and complex accounting records related to programs funded by federal, state and local grants.

Develops and monitors the district risk management program.





Thorough knowledge of principles, theories, techniques and procedures of modern accounting and auditing.

Thorough knowledge of generally accepted business office practices.

Thorough knowledge of basic trends and current developments in the field of accounting as it relates to education in New York State.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Good knowledge of available PC accounting software inclusive of word processing and spreadsheet/database software.

Ability to select and apply the accounting or auditing principles, techniques, or procedures best suited to the assignment.

Ability to prepare complex accounting reports and statements.

Ability to supervise subordinate staff.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with staff and administration in order to promote fiscal responsibility and accountability.







Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Assistant Director of Accounting Services (Syracuse City School District).


Open Competitive


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a baccalaureate degree in accounting, or a baccalaureate degree including or supplemented by 24 semester credit hours in accounting plus four (4) years of professional level work experience, or its part time equivalent, in accounting, finance, educational business services or school business administration, two (2) years of which must have included supervision of others, or;


  1. Eight (8) years of *paraprofessional or **professional level work experience or its part time equivalent in

accounting, four (4) years of which must have been professional level work experience in accounting, finance, educational business services or school business administration, of which two (2) years must have included supervision of others; or,


  1. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of A and B above.


*Paraprofessional level work experience involves the performance of non-interpretive, routine and non-technical duties in a supportive role to a professional.


** Professional level work experience requires specialized and theoretical knowledge usually acquired through college education or through experience and other training. The experience involves independence of action and personal responsibility for actions.



3/2013 Date of Original Composition