The work involves performance of entry level professional accounting and supervisory work assisting in the operation of an automated accounting and financial management system (FAMIS) designed for and utilized by Onondaga County Government. An employee in this class applies entry level municipal, multifund accounting procedures to the submission of payrolls, accrued payables, letters of distribution, cancellation of prior year encumbrances and available balances, claims and other routine and non‑routine accounting transactions by utilizing decision tables to code various prescribed data processing entries into the automated accounting system. Work is supervised and reviewed by the chief governmental accountant who allows the incumbent some latitude for the exercise of independent judgment in submitting payment for accrued payables, finding and correcting errors in coded information and performing routine calculations for various fiscal reports. Supervises subordinate staff performing accounting duties. Does related work as required.




Performs routine tasks in the operation of automated accounting and financial management systems by verifying, classifying, and coding financial transactions for computer input according to accepted procedures and applicable laws, rules, regulations by performing the following:

Prepares data for input into system by coding up all information of the accounting transactions by utilizing appropriate system transaction codes.

Responsible for dealing with non‑routine departmental inquiries relative to expense and revenue transactions.

Assists with year-end departmental, judgment, and claims accrued expenses.

Checks the appropriation, index and object numbers of an accrued payable and assigns the appropriate transaction code and document number into the system.

Determines whether to submit claims against accrued payable documents by insuring that claims are for what document was set up for and to make sure document has sufficient balance to pay claim.

Routinely audits accrued payable document balances.

Assists with year-end financial statement preparation.

Plans, assigns, and supervises the work of subordinate personnel who record financial transactions in both the accounting and payroll systems.

Researches fiscal information and computes percentages and other routine accounting calculations for various fiscal reports as requested.

Receives opening budget load transactions from Budget department and performs work necessary to permit transacting of budget entries; reviews posted results for accuracy.

Codes all payroll transactions into the system.




Working knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of accounting and fiscal management.

Working knowledge of generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP).

Ability to learn and apply the principles and practices of multifund accounting.

Ability to perform routine accounting transactions utilizing data processing systems.

Ability to research and analyze facts and utilize sound judgment in making accounting decisions and calculations.

2 02290





Ability to plan, assign, and supervise the work of assigned staff.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.






Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Account Clerk III.


Open Competitive:


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or a baccalaureate degree including or supplemented by 24 semester credit hours, or its equivalent, in accounting; or,

B. Four (4) years of accounting, financial auditing, or full charge bookkeeping experience, or its part time equivalent, which must have involved the accumulation of financial and statistical data into general and subsidiary ledgers and journals and the compilation of this material into financial reports* and studies; or,

C. An equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).


*Financial reporting is defined by the preparation of reports such as: estimated income; profit/loss statements; bank reconciliation’s; income determination; asset and equity valuation; financial statement analysis; or computing and filing tax forms such as withholding tax, quarterly deposit tax, estimated income tax or business tax.


NOTE: Work experience posting, billing, handling cash receipts, computing monthly trial balances, debits or credits, collection on accounts, or balancing internal accounts to financial statements is not qualifying work experience for this classification. Work experience as an account clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, or as a payroll clerk is not qualifying work experience for this classification. Work experience as an Account Clerk I or Account Clerk II within a Department under the jurisdiction of the Onondaga County Department of Personnel is not qualifying work experience for this classification.


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