The work involves responsibility for performing various technical functions necessary to process estate claims for Medicaid and public assistance recovery of funds as well as to investigate and analyze other resources or assets that may be available for recovery. The work will include the preparation and filing of complex legal forms in a thorough and correct manner in order to petition the appropriate court with a claim against an estate. The work is performed with ongoing and continuous contact with attorneys in order to establish and track estate claims. Performance of legal research in relation to ongoing or new claims may be necessary. General supervision is received from the Welfare Attorney. An employee in this classification is responsible for the general supervision of a small number of technical resource staff and clerical staff in the resource unit. Work is performed with latitude for independence and initiative with complex petitions being evaluated by professional attorneys as needed. Does related work as required.




Obtains the necessary documentation to make a viable legal court claim against the assets of an estate.

Prepares and files the appropriate forms and documents with the New York State Surrogate court.

Supervises and coordinates the activities of staff in the resource unit.

Processes liens against the assignment of proceeds and/or mortgages including the uniform commercial code.

Interprets Social Services policy to attorneys, family members and financial institutions.

Implements Medicaid liens, furnishing deeds, mortgages, etc., requested by the Medicaid staff when it pertains to asset investigation.

Researches and investigates available resources including real property, stocks, bank accounts and insurance proceeds.

Prepares client/attorney correspondence as required in relation to the analysis, investigation, liquidation or seizure of assets.

Coordinates with attorneys the formulation and implementation of resource policy and procedures.

Directs and recommends resource procedures and policies.

Evaluates data and prepares comprehensive reports.




Good knowledge of insurance, real estate and business procedures.

Good knowledge of resource recovery including the varied court forms and procedures to apply and process liens against estates and assets.

Good knowledge of federal, state and local laws regarding the sale or real and personal property, and the seizure and liquidation of same.

Good knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to asset ownership.

Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

Good knowledge of New York State Social Services Law especially provisions relating to Medicaid or public assistant client resources.

Ability to deal with family members and relatives in a sensitive and responsive manner in order to reach acceptance and compromise on sensitive legal issues.

Ability to investigate and evaluate financial resources.

Ability to prepare complex written material especially relating to court claim procedures and processes.

Ability to supervise staff in resource investigation, analysis and recovery.

Ability to analyze and evaluate data and prepare comprehensive reports.

Ability to deal effectively and courteously with clients, officials of other agencies, staff members and state and local court employees.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.





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Two years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Resource Analyst.




  1. Four (4) years of work experience in the field of resource analysis, investigation and recovery, or real estate and property sales, or estate appraisals and sales including the handling of real and/or personal property.



Post secondary education from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of regents to grant degrees may be substituted as follows: Thirty (30) semester credit hours may be substituted for one (1) year of work experience; Sixty (60) semester credit hours may be substituted for (2) years of work experience.


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