This work involves responsibility for performing highly specialized clerical work in connection with the preparation/ processing of payrolls for multiple departments of a municipality or public authority including the maintenance of payroll accounts and the preparation of various payroll reports in accordance with prescribed standards and procedures. Under supervision of an administrator, an employee in this class also trains and directs employees in various departments who are engaged in collecting and preparing payroll data. Work is performed within narrow time constraints. Supervision is not typically exercised in this class, although direction may be given to payroll staff as assigned. Does related work as required.




Receives from departments, employee time cards, via an electronic time and attendance system, and/or paper timecards, and processes to an automated payroll system.

Receives from departments, electronic payroll worksheets on which changes from‑the previous pay period are noted; reviews changes for accuracy; processes to an automated payroll system.

Receives and processes data pertaining to payroll changes, such as appointments, promotions, terminations, changes in payroll deductions, etc.

Prepares work sheets totaling all payroll deductions including withholding taxes; balances totals against other fiscal reports; assists in the preparation of a variety of payroll reports, including federal quarterly taxes, state wage reports, retirement system reports; etc.; deposits and balances withholding taxes with the treasury division.

Processes payroll adjustment as required to correct errors in payroll input data; redeposit checks or a portion thereof and issues supplemental checks; adjusts payroll deductions accordingly; notifies various federal, state municipal and private agencies of adjustments and any rebates due; manually prepares a supplemental redeposit control sheet for each item and updates computer files using a computer terminal.

Keeps tracks of all paid leave accruals, usage and balances, ensures all paid leave is properly reflected in the payroll system, on paychecks, and employee reports

Understand proper taxation of employer paid benefits

Acts as administrator of payroll system, and works directly with the vendor to ensure organization’s system and configurations are set up properly

Manages workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely

Processes correct garnishment calculations and compliance

Processes accurate and timely year-end reporting when necessary (i.e. third party sick pay W2s, ACA reporting)

Processes manual checks when necessary

Answers employee questions on time keeping, paychecks, and leave

May respond to employment verification requests

Works in conjunction with human resources staff to ensure all personnel and payroll records are up to date, accurate, and any personnel changes, including pay rates, leave accruals, benefit deductions, etc. are properly updated.




Good knowledge of wage and hour, payroll tax, and withholding regulations

Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of financial record keeping.

Working knowledge of procedures, forms and codes used to process payroll transactions.

Good knowledge of standard office terminology, procedures and equipment.

Working knowledge of basic arithmetic.

Ability to work under tight time constraints.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with all levels of personnel.

Ability to comprehend and apply department standards and regulations regarding payroll processing.

Ability to read, comprehend and interpret Collective Bargaining Agreements and Employment policies in reference to wages, hours, leave and benefits

Excellent organizational and attention to detail skills

Able to maintain confidentiality







  1. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration; OR,

  2. Three (3) years of payroll work experience or its part time equivalent, the major job function of which is processing payroll and preparing payroll reports, including the maintenance of payroll accounts and tax reporting records such as tax distribution, wage reporting and distribution of employee deductions.



10/2018 Revised