The work involves responsibility for assisting and advising candidates in their efforts to secure educational certification from the New York State Education Department as a service sponsored by the Onondaga Cortland Madison County BOCES. An employee in this class utilizes knowledge of certification requirements to assist candidates in completing applications, obtaining and providing information relating to training and experience qualifications and coordinating activities between the State Department and the candidate to help secure the appropriate certification in an efficient and timely fashion. The work is carried out in accordance with state and local policies and guidelines with training provided by BOCES in cooperation with the State Education Department. Work is performed under general supervision of an administrative superior with leeway allowed for exercising independent judgment in making initial evaluations of candidate’s credentials and in advising the candidates on qualifications relating to level and type of certification being applied for. Work is reviewed through conferences and review of monthly numerical reports. Employees in this class do not typically exercise supervision. Does related work as required.


Evaluates applications, credentials, transcripts, course work, and approved programs to determine adequacy of education and experience for teaching certification.

Assists and advises candidates in preparing a complete, accurate and comprehensive application.

Provides technical assistance to local districts in the area of teacher certification.

Makes a determination and recommendation based on the evaluation of credentials and sends to the State Education Department for final approval.

Meets with school representatives (i.e.: Superintendents and Administrative staff) and other concerned parties to discuss certification requirements.

Facilitates and coordinates workshops for regional Athletic Directors, teachers, teaching assistants and coaches regarding certification policies and procedures.

Prepares written communications to notify administration and candidates on the status of their applications for certification.

Advise and evaluate foreign credentialing applicants and maintain communication.

Develops and maintains effective communications with the State Education Department and acts as liaison between Administration, candidates, and school districts regionally.

Maintains accurate and up to date records on all applicants, the status of their applications and State Educational directives.

Assist with regional certification office employee performance evaluations.

Identifies significant State or Federal legislation affecting education programs as relates to teacher, teaching assistant, administration, coaching, and out of state certification.

Attends scheduled training sessions in Albany to keep abreast of changes in certification regulations.

May supervise subordinate employees in simple clerical duties such as posting, filing, typing, opening mail, training newly appointed support staff.


Good knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to the application for educational certification to include college course work from the New York State Education Department.

Good knowledge of training and experience requirements for certification for teaching academic and specialized subject areas such as special education, and career & technical education, educational administration, pupil personnel services, school media specialist, coaching, and teaching assistants.

Good knowledge of office terminology and procedures.

Some knowledge of interviewing techniques.

Ability to read, understand and interpret rules and regulations for purposes of advising candidates and making evaluations.

Ability to speak publicly to a large audience.

Ability to read, understand and interpret collegiate transcripts.

Ability to establish and maintain a record keeping and filing system for the maintenance of records.

Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

Ability to relate well to others.



A. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Counseling, Education, Human Resources, Public Administration, Student Personnel Administration, or a closely related field; or,

B. Successful completion of 60 credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university and two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in a clerical position which must have included responsibility for gathering, eliciting, or verifying information through face to face public or client contact; or,

C. Four (4) years of full time work experience, or its part-time equivalent, as an intake worker, examiner, investigator, bank teller, or a closely related field, with responsibility for gathering, eliciting, or verifying information through face to face public or client contact.