The work involves the responsibility for supervision over subordinate employees and participation in the preparation, clearance, maintenance, and destruction of social services records. This is a responsible supervisory position involving strict adherence to an established policy in the preparation, maintenance, clearance and distribution of thousands of case folders and numbers for all new and reopened cases for many divisions of the Department of Social Services, including Temporary Assistance, SNAP, Medicaid and Child Welfare. Duties may involve participation in the actual routine office procedures on an as needed basis. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Welfare Management Systems Coordinator; direct supervision is exercised over a number of clerical subordinates. Does related work as required.




Direct supervision of Records staff in completion of their daily assigned duties.

Clearance of program applications and assignment of case numbers using CINS.

Daily review of reports for errors, such as incorrect case numbers, category and demographic discrepancies and the notation of these errors on the local Case Transaction database.

Retrieval and distribution of case records to program areas.

and sign out of case records.

Scanning case documents into State imaging repository and destruction of case records that meet State retention criteria.

Assists staff when they encounter case number assignment or case ownership problems.

Trains and evaluates new staff assigned to the records unit.

Performs staff work reviews and performance counseling as needed.

Attends and conducts staff meetings on new procedures or special projects.

Maintains time sheets for subordinates and submits them to Social Services Personnel each payroll period.

Schedules and coordinates staff leave requests, insuring sufficient coverage for an uninterrupted work flow.

Answers telephone and written inquiries from divisions within Onondaga County, other counties, states and various agencies by providing information, such as dates of service and case composition.

Works with outside vendors on conversion of paper records to electronic images.

Analyzes and plans for the records storage needs of the Department (both paper and automated records storage).

Produces and/or maintains statistical reports and databases on all recordkeeping-related activities.

Assists in policymaking decisions for the Records Unit and implements and trains staff on new procedures and special projects assigned.

Implements the State Records Retention and Disposition Schedule to all program area records and sets procedures for the disposition of records.

Insures the confidentiality of records in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws.

Serves as a backup for absent staff as needed.



Thorough knowledge of the preparation, maintenance, filing and control of case records in a complex record keeping system.

Thorough knowledge of the State Records Retention and Disposition Schedule regulations as they pertain to Social Services.

Ability to adhere to established department policies and regulations in the maintenance of case records.

Ability to analyze and improve on methods of record preparation and filing.

Ability to effectively supervise and train subordinate staff members.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ability to prepare reports.

Ability to use a personal computer.





-2- 00150









Two years of permanent, competitive class status in the title of Typist II or Clerk II.




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