This is responsible public contact work involving response to telephone inquires to a department or agency with complaints about services rendered, lack of services or what can be done for the customer to respond to their question. It is essential that the employee maintain a calm decorum in the assistance aspect of the class due to impressions received by the calling public. A polite, inquiring approach must be maintained. The employee must initially determine the nature of the complaint, what departmental/agency function would have responsibility to successfully resolve the issue and either follow through with the department for a successful completion or refer the inquiry to the appropriate party to effect a successful completion. The employee exercises some latitude in the approach used to respond to calls but generally must be aware of the departments/agency parameters to respond to complaints.

This class differs from general clerical classes, who in the course of business, respond to inquires in that the focus of this class is based upon the reception of complaints and their resolution as the primary responsibility of the position. Assignments are verbal and work is reviewed through the resolution of complaints and other inquires. This class exercises no supervision. Does related work as required.




This class exists in a variety of governmental departmental agencies and although the complaints/inquires will change with the operation, the duties are similar nature.

Answers incoming phone calls and determines the type and nature of inquiry.

Gathers all needed information from callers, often through use of calm, controlled questioning, enters type and kind of complaint/inquiry onto a hard copy or automated information collection system.

Makes contact with appropriate unit within the department/agency to advise of the complaint, determining which situation can be rectified.

Dependent upon the complaint, may contact the caller and advise as to the disposition of the complaint.

May enter information into a P.C. through the use of a keyboard.

Maintains records on all calls.




Some knowledge of general office procedures and clerical techniques.

Ability to control telephone conversation with confused, angry or distraught callers through the use of calm, controlled conversation and directed questions.

Ability to use good judgement, tact and courtesy in responding to the public on the phone or in person.

Ability to analyze problem, make decisions, whether routine or emergency, in accordance with regulations and department procedures and apply these to work situations.

Ability to speak with good diction and a clear speaking voice.

Ability to read directories, listings or codes and to write information on simple forms or P.C. keyboard

Ability to follow oral instructions.

Ability to speak and write English.

Skill in keyboard operation.




There are no minimum qualifications for this classification.